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Regional Diagnostic Imaging radiologists offer innovative diagnostic and interventional procedures using the most modern technology. Our experienced physicians and technologists obtain and interpret high-resolution images that provide vital information to your doctor. A CD or a copy of your images are available to you and/or your physician upon request. You will always feel at ease when visiting any of our locations. Our courteous staff take great pride in providing convenient, private imaging studies in pleasant surroundings.

Radiology and Medical Imaging
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CT Scan

Computed Tomography is a noninvasive test that uses special ioninzing radiation (X-Ray) and sophisticated computers to quickly image cross sectional anatomy and diagnosis pathology. The radiation dose with our modern scanners is kept as low as possible to optimize image quality while tailoring the exam to the patient's age and thereby safely imaging our pediatric patients in a timely manner.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI/ MRA) utilizes high-field strength magnetic fields instead of radiation to produce extremely detailed images of individual body parts to better answer clinical questions regarding organ specific disease processes. The images are of the highest diagnostic quality and are obtained in multiple planes to help diagnosis disease and monitor response to therapy.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to create images of body parts and organs to diagnose disease without use of radiation. It can be used to safely evaluate pregnancy and fetus, abdomen and pelvic organs or blood vessel; clarify findings from other studies; or help accurately guide biopsies and assist in minimally invasive procedures.

Digital Mammography

Our mammography staff, radiologists and surgeons work together to created a warm and caring environment for you during your screening and diagnostic evaluations. We work closely with your physician to provide excellent and up to date resources in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases.

Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine section is a full service diagnostic and therapeutic department that utilizes isotopes to analyze the anatomy and function of many organs such as the lungs, thyroid, gallbladder, liver and kidneys.


We offer the latest technology to assist you and your physician in screening for osteoporosis and other disorders of the bones.

Interventional (IR)

Our inclusive interventional practice offers a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic services including digital angiography, uterine artery embolization, kyphoplasty, TACE or catheter directed chemoembolization and hemodialysis access management services. There are in addition to the standard soft tissue biopsy and drainage procedures that include nephrostomy and biliary intervention.


X-rays are the common radiographic study for the evaluation of the skeleton and chest. This type of examination is fast, easy and requires little preparation.


(PET / CT) is an advanced technology that combine images from two differently informative techniques into one powerful diagnostic study that help to accurately locate active tumors; all in one setting. This information helps your doctors stage cancer, establish appropriate initial surgical or medical treatment planning, monitor effectiveness of therapy, and detect residual tumor or cancer recurrence.


Fluoroscopy is the method that provides real-time x ray imaging that is especially useful for guiding a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures. Fluoroscopy is still one of the easiest ways to evaluate the stomach, intestinal tracts and colon.